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#How To Save Money In your Home..!
All Competition Exam Very Important General knowledge. Many people have asked me about my future job. Well, actually I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I can definitely claim that my other job besides the main one will be a writer. Since I was just 10 years old, I’ve always loved writing. Whenever I read a book or a story, I always ask myself ” Why don’t you create a story of your own?” and a new idea for my own stories will then pop up in my head. I can’t really explain why I love making stories so much-maybe because I love controlling things, I suppose, and writing helps me control the destiny of all my characters. I don’t even wait for the future to start this job, actually; by the time I am writing this paragraph, I’ve already been the owner of more than 20 stories and even got the second prize of a writing competition. You can say I’m very proud of what I am doing.
    I know, my stories aren’t as good as a lot of people’s, but I am still improving my skills day by day and all the difficulties won’t be able to keep me back. To sum up, I want to be an excellent writer by the time I have grown up.
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