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Saturday, November 18, 2017

How to make online PLI premium payment?

How to make online PLI premium payment?

If you are trying  to make  online premium payment of PLI policy through e-post office but not succeed and redirect to new web address (You are requested to visit 'https:\\' to pay your premium...). Don’t worry, Postal Life Insurance has launch a new software “ McCamish” under which all PLI policies records made online. All the post offices connected with this online MCamish software and premium can be paid any post office in India. The Premium paid information updated immediately against the policy of insurant and after some time, you will receive a premium paid information through SMS ( if your mobile number registered with PLI).

Now you can pay premium online through PLI customer portal after registration.

The detail process of registration already explained in previous post at How I can register in PLI customer portal ?

The step  wise process for making online payment is as under :-
Step 1:- Login with customer id

Step-2 Click on my policy detail and check that next premium date is correct:-

Step-3 Now click on payment menu to proceed

Step-4 Now select the policy for making payment and click pay premium

Step-5 Now select the No. of Months  and confirm payment.

Step-6 Total premium amount will be shown there including gateway charges and pay premium

Step-7 Now enter your Debit or Credit Card details and  submit.

Now your will received a premium receipt No. and you can check your payment  detail in payment history option.
In next few posts we will check how to obtain duplicate premium receipt and what action taken when transaction failed and amount deducted from your account but premium information not updated.

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