Latest_Whatsapp Feature Related News!

Latest_Whatsapp Feature Related News!

WhatsApp, the instant messaging application, has over a billion users and to keep them around, the app is always adding new features. However, before rolling them out to all its users at once, it tests them with limited users under beta mode. While there are several features under tests in beta mode, here are the six features spotted in beta that are most likely to be introduced in the app in the next few days:

Latest_6 Whatsapp Feature Related News!

1. YouTube videos to play right into WhatsApp
The most recent feature found on WhatsApp for iOS beta version is YouTube integration. The feature lets you view YouTube videos without leaving the app via a picture-in-picture mode.

2. UPI-based money transactions
UPI or Unified Payment Interface is another feature that could reach millions of WhatsApp users in India. The feature will let them transfer money without any hassle. The company for now is in talks with the government about UPI integration.

3. Message recall feature
This feature was first spotted in December 2016 in a beta version on iOS. However, the feature is yet to see the light of the day. This will let users pull back messages that have been already sent.
4. Live-location sharing
Live location sharing is another feature that was spotted earlier this year on WhatsApp for iOS beta version but has not been rolled out to the masses yet. The feature could let users share live location for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes or indefinitely.
5. Number change intimation to all your contacts
Earlier this year, it was reported that WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone came with a nifty feature that sends a notification to all the WhatsApp contacts when a user changes his/her number, making the whole process less cumbersome. We are yet to see a widespread rollout of the feature.

6. Edit ‘sent’ messages
This feature to will be similar to the ‘recall’ functionality said to be coming to WhatsApp soon. However, this will go a step further and allow users to edit specific parts of a message ‘sent’ instead of recalling the entire text. This feature was spotted in one of the WhatsApp betas back in January this year.

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