7th Pay Commission: Employees to get increased salary from April 1


7th Pay Commission: Employees to get increased salary from April 1
There is good news for government employees in the country because the government is now thinking of giving increased salary under the Seventh Pay Commission in April. According to the report of Financial Express News Web Portal, government employees can get increased salaries from April 1. Let us tell you that the minimum pay scale of the Central Government employees will be increased by Rs. 3000. That is, instead of Rs 18,000, now the minimum basic pay will be Rs 21,000
Decisions going on due to Lok Sabha elections
It is believed that the government has taken such a step due to the Lok Sabha elections. That is why efforts are being made to make lakhs of employees and their families happy with the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission. Government employees, on the increased basic pay, believe that this will improve their financial condition. Tell you that government employees are urging to increase the minimum salary to 26,000 rupees per month.
Decision came on July 6, 2017
As you know, the Central Government had imposed the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission on July 6, 2017. In which it was stated that according to the Seventh Pay Commission, the salary of the Central employees can increase from 7 thousand to 18 thousand rupees every month. The minimum salary for employees can be increased from Rs 18000 to Rs 21 thousand


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