One idea will earn Rs 10 lakh, railway is giving opportunity


One idea will earn Rs 10 lakh, railway is giving opportunity
Indian Railways has asked for suggestions from people to increase their income. Those whose suggestions will be liked, will be given a prize of Rs. 1 to 10 lakhs. If you have any ideas, you can also send it to Idea Railway. In return you can win a good amount as a prize. Railway wants you to improve your services by increasing your income. Rail for it has been a competition. Whose topic is, How to Revenue Money for Better Services On this topic, the Railways have asked people for ideas.
The competition is being done by the Railways through the ( You can also take part in the competition. We are giving you information about what you have to do in order to participate in any compatibility and what kind of ideas you have to give.
What kind of idea does the railway want?
Railway wants that some items should be kept in mind while giving the idea. like
Improvement on the management level
– Financial and commercial feasibility
– Transparency
– Customer Friendly
– Sustainability
– Scope of further development
– Suitable for the National Economic Recourse
How can you take a stake?
You have to write in Hindi or English. You can also take a stake as a team. However, the number of team members should not exceed 6. The stakeholder should be 18 years of age until March 20, 2018. You will have to apply online.
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