STD 10 And 12 After What Do You ?


STD 10 And 12 After What Do You ?
After Class 10th
1- Research: One of the most important things you should definitely do is : gather as much as information about different careers. In another couple of months you will be required to take a decision to chose your subjects. NEVER chose them according to the societal norms, where all the 90+ would take science, the ones in the 80′s take commerce and the rest – humanities. You should understand your interests, aptitude and the scope of various careers.
2- Write down your weakness : One of the biggest problems with majority of us is our low- confidence. The reason is our belief that we are good for nothing. I would highly recommend all the students to write down the weakness and plan certain steps to overcome this. If you are weak in Mathematics, practice and practice. This is the right time for you to revise all the basics which you will require higher class.
3- Improve your Vocabulary & GK – Start reading newspaper, novels and you can also watch English movies. Start with Times of India, if you are beginner. Underline difficult words, and write down their meaning. You can also refer to some websites for help. This is one of the most important thing, every student should work on. You would not get time after your class 12th to work on this. Every entrance exam consists of section of English and GK. This will give you an edge over others.
4- Play sports: Play and stay fit. This will not only be a part of your entertainment, but it will keep you fit and would improve your memory.
After Class 12th.
1- Explore: Spend enough time in exploring careers. Don’t just run for Engineering, medicine or Law. I am not saying these are not good options, but there is much more to explore.
2- Internship: You can work as an intern in different organisations or NGOs. You may not be paid well, but you will get exposure and this will also help you build your profile.
3- Study for Entrance: This might sound too obvious, but students take their entrance for granted. Your college brand would matter a lot in the India.
4- Read Read Read: Read newspaper very religiously. After your entrance exams, this will help you in your group discussions. No matter how good you are with speaking, if you don’t have the required information- you will be blank.
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