[Latest Updates] E learning videos for School Students : 20/08/2020

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Primary schools in Gujarat are currently being closed due to coronavirus, as part of which the education department has tried to make E learning videos for School Students available to the child through mobile, TV ,application, youtube. In This Post Click on the videos and you will see the new tab youtube videos and you will be e learning according to your course.

E learning videos for School Students

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[Latest Updates] E learning videos for School Students : 20/08/2020

Topic NameE learning videos for School Students
STD3 To 12
Official Websitessagujarat.org
Learn ViaMobile and Leptop , Application

The standard in the video that is placed inside the PDF file by the government In front of the standard you will be given a video-like symbol, click on it and a youtube link will open in which you can watch the video as per your syllabus. If you do, you will forget our standard book and give any lesson to the readers so that you can read it immediately.

kala utsav paripatra Important Link

Download PdfClick Here

Gujarat Goverment Decided Attending online classes everyday has become the ‘new normal’ for students during the lockdown in India. As schools were shut because of the lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus, online class have taken centre stage in students’ life now.


What is Educational Videos  in schools?

Educational Videos  is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online.

NoSTD Subjct Watch
3Text Book / Video LinkVideos
4Text Book / Video LinkVideos
5Text Book / Video LinkVideos
6Text Book / Video LinkVideos
7Text Book / Video LinkVideos
8Text Book / Video LinkVideos
9Text Book / Video LinkVideos
10Text Book / Video LinkVideos
11Text Book / Video LinkVideos
12Text Book / Video LinkVideos

Everyday , Schools and colleges are closed until the effects of the coronavirus are complete, and by the time our e learning begins to arrive, you are kindly requested to save this website from the controls+D within your own desktop browser so that you will not be deceived. And a link to a whatsapp group within the following section which is still available in our whatsapp for the information of each post.

ImportantPlease always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.

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